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Susan Jerome aka Suzan’ah Free

Singer, Songwriter & Author, Suzan’ah Free

I would like to thank Jessica Blackford for her amazing graphics work on my Children’s Book, “THE WISHING STAR” set to be released August or September 2016. She so clearly captured the story line and the children that I was moved to tears when I saw her first drawings. After that project I had her design my latest musical CD cover “SWEET TROPICAL DREAMS”. I wanted something different than the same type of photo cover, so we went with a drawing of a woman on a beach chair at dusk. Once again, she was able to capture and create the image I was looking for.

It has been a pleasure working with Jessica. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and so attentive to detail. She puts in the time, effort and creative energy necessary to create the kind of results that draws attention… and isn’t that what we all want! She not only delivers what I need, but offers excellent advice to help me in the decision making process. A True PRO!

I look forward to working with her again on future projects!

Susan is Jessica's client

Mark Kateli

Assistant Treasurer for the Florida Native Plant Society; Treasurer for Tarflower Chapter; Chief Financial Officer for Backyard Biodiversity Day

I am very appreciative of Jessica Blackford helping our organization with t-shirt graphics. On the very first try, Jessica nailed my vision of a Scrub Jay, Florida’s only native bird, superimposed with it’s native ecological habitat. We will be showcasing her design at our 4th annual Backyard Biodiversity Day event in October in Winter Park, FL. Because of her alacrity, we are looking into additional t-shirt designs for this event with Jessica. As an organization, we seek designers that work well with our native plant aesthetic. Jessica clearly exemplifies the ease and effectiveness on getting the job done.

Jessica was easy to work with as she is extremely detailed and considerate of our needs and desires. Interacting with people like her makes our job easier as there is little back-and-forth when designs are executed the right way the first time around. I also appreciated her keen insight and advice during the process.

I know I will certainly continue utilizing Jessica for my graphic design needs.

Mark is Jessica's client

Janet Howe

Author, Janet's Antiques

Jessica Blackford Design did a very professional, A + job for me creating a series of illustrated children’s stories. Jessica was upfront about costs, extremely reliable telling me when to expect updates and following through exactly on time, listened beautifully, patient with changes and proficient with publishers. After many frustrating months of trying to find an illustrator, I was thrilled to find Jessica. Even though we live in different cities, that was never a problem and we got along perfectly. Jessica was fantastic!

Janet is Jessica's client

Lora Bender

Author, Bully, Bully, Back Off Me

I would like to thank Jessica Blackford for her hard work on the illustrations she has created for me. I’m very pleased with her work. I was able to contact her when I needed to ask a question. I love that she kept me involved with every illustration. Jessica, you are the best. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Lora is Jessica's client

Chris Rusche

Creator, Shotgun Shuffle

I’ve worked with Jessica for nearly five years on the website development and maintenance of She’s played a more active and intricate role in the site’s content over the years, and honed her skills to become the comic’s colorist on top of her other duties. Jessica not only completes her work before its intended release, she eagerly asks for more. There are plenty of instances where I find myself playing catch up with her. Needless to say she’s timely. Jessica is also very empathetic to her employers needs and concerns. Always listening, always learning, always improving her craft. Insisting the end result of her work not only meets the expectations of her clients, but the high standards she sets for herself.

In my past experience with freelancers, I’ve been left for weeks on end expecting projects to be completed, resulting in deadlines being pushed, and users being disappointed. I never know who can handle the work load, how reliable they are, or even their level of enthusiasm to complete a project. Anyone dealing with the same apprehension in hiring a freelancer or full time employee, need look no further than Jessica.

Chris manages Jessica at Shotgun Shuffle

Malea Walker

Jessica can make incredible illustrations for many occasions! For my wedding Jessica created an illustration of me and my husband. My husband had proposed while we were playing the board game LIFE. She made an incredible picture of the two of us in the LIFE car, driving along the board. Our images were spot on and it is such fun to look at and remind us of where we started. It hangs in our living room and constantly receives compliments.

Malea is Jessica's client

Sharon Hammerberg

Jessica created a family tree illustration for me to give as a gift to my daughter. My daughter was thrilled to hang this family tree in her home. The attention to detail is amazing! The illustration of each family member is illustrated so well that when guests see the family tree they immediately know who each family member is! I highly recommend Jessica for any art/illustration need…her work is incredible!

Sharon is Jessica's client

Ashley Clarey

Founder, Pink Lemonade Cosplay, Lolicakes & Otaku Attic

Jessica has done work for me on a few occasions. She has helped me with both graphics and web design. She is very receptive to critiques and is easy to collaborate with. The graphics always suit my needs and she is more than willing to adjust things as needed. Since I started hiring her, I haven’t needed to look for anyone else, because I know Jessica can take care of everything for me.

Ashley is Jessica's client

Richard Tammar

Author, The Marmalade Shore

Jessica produced all of the artwork for The Marmalade Shore, including the cover art and no less than twenty individual chapter illustrations – and I couldn’t have been more delighted with her work. She swiftly developed a style for the project that was not simply sensitive to the text’s period sensibilities, but actively enriched the reader’s experience and drew them into the world. The results are not only striking and distinctive, they are also remarkably consistent and provide a strong foundation for further extrapolations of the narrative in the future. From a production perspective, Jessica’s pace exceeded initial expectations and communication throughout the project was always fantastic. I was particularly impressed with Jessica’s openness to feedback and willingness to make alterations as requested with little sense of “ego” – despite the obvious attention to detail that had gone into each piece. I would unhesitatingly recommend Jessica for any kind of illustrative project.

Richard is Jessica's client

David Brim

Founder, Brand Advance

I had the opportunity to manage and work with Jessica from 2010 – 2015. I initially hired Jessica as a contractor to complete a few projects for my agency Brand Advance in 2010. After seeing her ability I quickly hired her full time. She is exceptional at CSS and WordPress coding/theme development. She also has a deep understanding of web development projects (project planning, QA, project management, database architecture, etc).

Her talent and love for illustrations proved to be very beneficial to a variety of projects we completed for clients and ourselves over the years. It has been amazing to see the growth she experienced over the last 5 years. Her illustration and WordPress coding work are top notch.

David managed Jessica at Brand Advance

Dan Williams

Digital Media Department Chair, International Academy of Design and Technology

I was lucky enough to be Jessica’s department chair while she worked at IADT as an instructor. Let me start by saying that Jessica’s skillset is amazing! Any class I threw her way she handled it with ease. She did a wonderful job imparting her knowledge of graphics and multimedia to the students, but it did not end there. While teaching a class of Fashion Design, she could not find an adequate textbook, so what did she do….She wrote one! Jessica did all of the graphics, fashion sketches and page layout, a true Jill Of All Trades.

I would highly recommend Jessica Blackford for any position in the arts or technology, from hand drawing to digital graphics to web design she can do it all, while having a smile on her face.

Dan managed Jessica at International Academy of Design and Technology

Rebecca Carroll

Instructor, International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT)

We worked together at IADT and let me tell you, Jessica was a wonderful instructor. She is skilled both in design AND in web development and that is no easy thing to do. Her diligence, attention to detail and professionalism continues to impress as she takes on projects since.

Rebecca worked with Jessica at International Academy of Design and Technology

David Gray

Account Manager, Brand Advance

I worked with Jessica while at Brand Advance from 2012-2013. She oversaw all Brand Advance projects, including those of our two sister companies. She always kept projects on-time and on budget, while working hard to manage and satisfy our client’s wants and needs. It was a pleasure working with Jessica during my time at Brand Advance.

David worked with Jessica at Brand Advance